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Weird hole in the ceiling of 2017 Traverse

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Hi guys!

I just bought a 2017 Chevy Traverse from insurance auction that I'm going to restore. When I got the car I saw some weird hole that was cut in the ceiling. It looks like there was something installed before.

Any ideas what was that, where can I find that "thing" to put it in place and hide that hole?))


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Maybe one of the microphone covers , sensor covers that are used in the headliner will fit and fill the hole.
Thanks for your thoughts! So there was a sensor or microphone... I can touch some wires deep in the hole.
Great. Do you know if this microphone was being installed from particular Traverse years or I can find it even on any old Traverse I have at local PickNPull?
Guys! Have anyone had experience how to replace microphone back into its place? I got a new from dealer, but I found that the microphone itself is ok, only grill is lost. So I need to unscrew that left part of headliner to put microphone assembly back to the hole and connect it with grill from the outside. Perhaps someone could suggest a video or do some photos where and what should I remove to get access to that part of the headliner. Thanks!
1 - 4 of 8 Posts