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Traverse 2021 rare high reflector part and fixing quote

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Good afternoon,

Does anyone know where to get the parts especially salvaged or chunks, and where to fix my traverse?
See the picture attached.


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Wow, what in the world happened there?

You may be able to do an online search for salvaged parts that match you body color. I am guessing that you will need both the upper part that is missing, and the lower part that is still there (as it looks broken to the left of where that high mount light should be). The light itself may be yet another separate part. It may actually be better to at least visit a body shop and see what they can find for you.

In any event, good luck and let us know what you find.

Most salvaged parts in El Paso don't have. My dealer said that it might be $400 and up because of repainting. So I'm trying to get the same color from salvaged. Do we have the salvaged parts in Las Cruces?
Sounds good. Let me look into this. My parking garage lift was opening, and I was backing up, then the heck happened. The hook grabbed that upper part and made that part loose which fell off on the high-way and never found it.
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Thanks for the information. Will update hear once fixed.
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