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My 2020 Traverse had its tires rotated. I got a tire low pressure warning. I added air and found out when the tires were rotated the shop didn’t reset the tire locations.
I ordered a VXDAS TPMS relearn tool from Amazon for $12.99.
1. Start car
2.Set parking brake
3. Turn off the automatic light control
4. Bring up the tire pressure screen on the driver information center
5. Press and hold the ok button for about 5 seconds you will see relearn on the DIC
Start with the left front tire and hold the relearn tool on the tire near the tire valve and press the button until the horn honks. Move to the right front tire and repeat. Next move to the right rear tire and repeat. Finally move to the left rear tire. After it beeps once it will beep again to indicate the procedure is complete. Also the marker light for each corner will light to show the order you should follow. Left front, right front, right rear and then left rear.
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