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I've been doing my research and I think I have figured out what I have with my Traverse regarding towing capabilities, however I have questions about additional items to bring to the table for the best towing experience, i.e. extra cooling system, brake controller, weight distribution hitch, car computer reader, etc. Thanks in advance for your help, I love community forums. Hopefully this info will help others with the same questions.

My Traverse is a 2016 LTZ (Generation 1) with confirmed factory installed towing package (code V92 - I looked in the glovebox for the service parts identification sticker) so I know that it's rated to tow 5,200 lbs. (FYI-If your Traverse does not have the factory installed tow package then it is NOT recommended to tow anything rated above 1,500 lbs with an aftermarket tow package, only factory installed tow package will give you 5,200 lbs (gen 1) or 5,000 lbs (gen 2) tow ratings)

I'm looking into purchasing a Forest River Aurora 18BHS, dry weight is 3,378 lbs, wet or gross weight is 4,400 lbs, which is 800 lbs below max tow weight of 5,200 lbs. So I feel good about being to tow it comfortably, but I would love some insight into others experiences. Here is a link to one if anyone is curious about additional info on it.

Question - does the heavy duty cooling system come standard with the factory tow package install? OR does anyone know what the service parts code is for the heavy duty cooling system so I can verify it? Supposedly my traverse has one, listed on the dealership spec sheet, but I would like to confirm it to be on the safe side.

Question - do I need to a brake controller?

Question - I know a need a weight distribution hitch, but I've come across a "stabilizing" hitch, are those the same things?

Question - I've read it's beneficial to get a car diagnostics tool in order to monitor various systems in the car while towing, mainly transmission temp, is this a necessary expense?

Question - I'm concerned about handling mountain roads and inclines, has anyone experienced issues with that?

Does anyone have any additional information or tips that would be beneficial to share?
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