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So I was messing around with the Traverse today and noticed on the DIC that the oil was at half life or "50%" so I pulled out the dipstick for a look. The oil has 3300 miles on it. This isn't my dipstick, but it could be.....

I have 30+ years running Mobil 1 almost exclusively across many different platforms and I have never seen it get this dark this quickly. ( Currently 8 vehicles) My son drives a 2002 Silverado with 340k miles on it. He services that truck about every 8k miles and his oil isn't much darker at that OCI and he works that truck too. The BWM gets 0w/40 Mobil 1 Euro oil, that stays amber too..... at the same 8k OCI.

I keep reading how hard these new multi valve, multi chain, D.I. gas engines are on oil, and how new specs need to be developed to cope with them.... and I'm suddenly a believer.

GF-6 is the oil to keep an eye open for. Until it comes out, I'm prolly going to service the Traverse every 5k miles which will be sooner than the DIC says too....... Lets all hope the GF-6 oil does better.

Some engines dont care if you use synthetic oil of not, as long as the Dino oil meet's manufactures spec's, your good to go. The GM High Feature V6 does seem to need synthetic oil.... period. For those who have had timing chain or cam phaser issues when running Dino oil, I can see why. Even changing it at the DIC intervals may not be enough. Someone posted dealers do a recalibration of the DIC to help the situation. If sticking with Dino oil, even that might not help to keep the issues away. These are the 7 new tests the GF-6 oil must pass......


I found it odd that "IVD" or "Intake Valve Deposits" are not one of the test parameters....... strange.
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