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Site with GM Service/Repair and Maintenance Procedures

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For those of you with 2009 vehicles, you can view the service procedures via this site -

Just select the year make and model and you can search for specific things. I have this on my computer via DVD for 1999-2005, but this site is much handier to use. The information for all GM vehicles is on there so you can use it for other things as well. Not sure if/when it will be updated, but even the 2009 information is helpful for our 2011 for a lot of the basic information.
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Re: Site with GM Maintenance Information

This site is awsome!!! Thanks for posting. Now I can tear apart my interior without breaking things ;D
Re: Site with GM Maintenance Information

GM Service Information On Line HERE Thanks To jwhjr!

On 4/28/11 jwhjr posted a topic titled "GM Maintenance" on the Traverse board with a link. I breezed right on by the topic without even opening it because the last thing I need is another website which has maintenance information. Heck, I have several sites bookmarked plus the My Chevrolet site which gives me all the manuals, service history, etc. Others must have felt the same way because there were only two replies to his post.

The other day I was going through the boards and clicked on his post because there were not that many new topics at the time and I wanted to eliminate the "New" symbol next to his post to clean up what I see when I open the forum.

WOW! I am really glad I finally read his post, and started exploring on the link he posted! It is a lot more than just maintenance. You can enter your VIN and see all the campaigns, recalls, etc for you vehicle. You can enter a bulletin number and see the topic it concerns. I used that to help someone over on the Outlook forum under the topic about losing power steering when going through puddles.

One of the best features is the service information contained on that site. For all of us who have ever asked where can I find an electrical schematic for this item, where can I find instructions on this repair, etc many of the answers and schematics are here! I don't know if 100% of the service manual is there, but many sections are. I think jwhjr stated it only goes up to 2009, but much of the information is the same for even our later models.

Since it is a GM site, it also is not limited to the Traverse, Acadia, Outlook, or Enclave so you might find other useful information for your other cars and trucks. If you are interested in seeing his post, here is the link to the Traverse board with his topic. Check it out and give him a thumbs up or a thank you for this useful information!

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Re: GM Service Information On Line HERE Thanks To jwhjr!

yeah I saw that site and bookmarked it.
and yeah it only goes up to 09- so I didnt bother entering my Vin.
Re: Site with GM Maintenance Information

Fantastic! After finally checking your post here I have found that link to be well deserving of another bookmark on my computer! I had over looked you post for several days because I thought it was just about maintenance.

Hope you don't mind, but I started another post about Service Information on Line thanks to you! Hopefully more people will be interested in your link when they see it is not just about maintenance.

Thanks again for posting such a helpful link! :thumb:
I updated he thread title so hopefully it's a bit more descriptive.
I cannot seem to access this site as the site will not load. I did join the grandprix forum. What am I missing?
I believe the "back door" has been shut and locked, and you now need a password to enter the front door. Oh well it was a nice link for awhile.
ls973800 said:
I believe the "back door" has been shut and locked, and you now need a password to enter the front door. Oh well it was a nice link for awhile.
Although had some problems with the online SI going down, they seem to have straightened things out.

With respect to the login/password, that community forum is not unlike any other community forum. You need to register (free just like lambda forums), you need to login in order to access the SI. The trick to logging into the SI is to make sure you enter your user ID in lowercase (just as the login dialog says so). You may also find that usage of "special" characters in your password may cause issues. I found that out the hard way. So I simplified my password (somewhat counterproductive if you ask a security expert) and was successfully using the online SI courtesy of the fine folks at gpona dot-com. LOVE IT!!! It's an awesome resource.

Kudos to Speleos on the Acadia forum for hinting the above solution.

so you how do i gain access? register on (a grand prix forum)?
alacran said:
150 post to acces the page...
plus $15 minimum donation
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