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I am trying to find out how this is possible.
I do not want to use a portable Sirius unit, I want to be able to use the presets in the factory head unit to store Sirius stations.
I have found what I believe will work but I need some specific information to be sure.

I have a 2010 Traverse 2LT, is it "Sat-Ready" because it came with XM factory installed?
I have not been able to find anywhere from GM that this is specified.
I don't want to order the parts and have to order some more later.
I also do not want to order unnecessary parts.
I know I can handle the install and I would prefer to install a new Sirius antenna.

XM is fine and with the merger, the programming is not the issue.
I have one Sirius tuner all ready so it is cheaper to add another to that account than to start one with XM.
Also, where I live the XM reception is worse than Sirius. I live in Northern Canada.

Any information would be appreciated.
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