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Prices Paid for Traverse

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When you purchase your Traverse, please take a minute to reply to this thread so we can see some real world prices and deals that members are getting on their Traverse purchases. If possible, follow the template below to make each post easier to follow and compare. Thanks guys!

Purchase Date
Car Dealership incl city/state (no salesmen names please)
Model Year
Trim Level
Incentives received
Price Paid after incentives
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About to pull the trigger on a Tungsten metallic 2014 LS. Base model no extra options. $30,900.12 otd. I have the supplier discount through my place of employment. Putting $20k down and would like to %0 for 72 months to keep the payment low. Looking at $150/month
What's the MSRP on the window sticker?
What state are you in what are the taxes I just bought a 2013 brand new in the beginning of June a 1lt I'll have to check what I paid otd and you can compare
"Out the door" prices are difficult to compare because some states have a 10 percent sales tax and some states have no sales tax. A more meaningful comparison would be the price paid before government-mandated fees such as sales tax and licensing. That being said I'm curious what kind of prices people are getting so please post the MSRP and price paid (before taxes) so we can all get some relevant data points. Thanks!
Draco_M said:
"Out the door" prices are difficult to compare because some states have a 10 percent sales tax and some states have no sales tax.
U huh---- 9% here
2013 1lt msrp 33,500
-11,000 trade in for 2012 Hyundai sonata with 59,000
paid 18,200 otd

so if u include the trade in as cash I paid 29,200 otd
2014 LS AWS w v92 (towing)
Mileage at Purchase: 2300
Discount: $7300 (included $2000 GM rebate)
Final Price (Before taxes, fees, trade, etc):$26945

Please note, this vehicle had been on the lot for an entire year and was used for a few months as a dealer loaner vehicle. So a good portion of the discount was due to the fact it was a "used" new car. I still get the full warranty (starting at current mileage) per the sales contract. The the car only had minor blemishes. I am pretty sure I could have received a better deal (the day after I picked up they advertised a better deal, but I am happy with the price, so I am not going to complain.

Already put a couple hundred miles on it, and I am pleased so far.
2014 2LT AWD 7 seater
$29,700 plus tax and tags
13,500 miles
Purchase Date: 10/2/14
Car Dealership: George Matick Chevy Redford MI
Model Year: 2012
Trim Level: LS
Miles: 34K
Asked: 18K
Incentives received: 4/48 ext warranty
Trade in: 4K - VERY generous
Price Paid after incentives 17K
Took home new 2015 Traverse LTZ today, black on saddle with dual sunroof, and 'on the go' package.

MSRP $47,355. Paid 44k with dealer buying outright my previous lease (had 5 months left).

Out the door for $497/month on 36 month, 12k/year lease....sign and drive, $0 down.

Residual 61%, 1.08% rate.

Love the truck so far, great features, safe & fun to drive. Did 100 miles today.
2011 traverse ltz. 39500 miles loaded with everything except the roof rack and tow package. Paid 26k with 100,000 mile warranty.
2012 LTZ. Fully loaded with 40k miles. 22,257 plus taxes and dealer fees. OTD 24,135
2014 1LT, 8k miles, $26,650. Otd $29,100. Off white ext, grey int 2:3:3 seating.
Purchase Date: 1/9/14
Car Dealership: Upland Chevrolet Upland, CA
Model Year: 2012
Trim Level: LS
Miles: 15.5K
Asked: 20.8K
Incentives received: GM Certified to 4 year / 48k plus two years maintenance, roadside assistance, etc.
Paid: $20,800, less KBB average trade in value on trade-in car
Newbie here:
2011 Silver LT1 FWD CPO
All Star Edition (didn't realize there was an All Star Edition until I saw the original window sticker)with Travel Package
33,000 miles
Price was $21,300
Paid $23,300 OTD including the GM 100,000 wrap extended warranty.
Traverse was bought new at same dealership and had all maintenance and recalls done at same dealer. Original owner traded for a 2015 Traverse.
Traded a 2010 TRD Sport 4WD Double Cab Tacoma with 66,000 miles. Got $22,000 for that in trade.
I think I did ok.
Purchase Date: 12/14
Car Dealership: David Chevrolet, Western NY
Model Year: 2009
Trim Level: 2LT, AWD (I believe the only extras over 2LT are: Trailer tow package, rear DVD, factory running boards, roof rails?)
Miles: 33,500
Asked: $18,900
Incentives received: Asked and received GM Certified/100,000 warranty included in the deal.
Paid: $18,900 (I think a bit over book, but it was/is in such good shape with such lows mileage, I was ok with the price)
Purchase Date: 30/8/13
Car Dealership: H&H Chevy, Omaha, NE
Model Year: 2013
Trim Level: LT1 (+) (added Overhead console, Garage Door opener, and Auto Dim Mirror)
Miles: 378
Asked: $39,850
Incentives received: $2,000 GM First Time Buyer.
Paid: $30,250 (Off the left side of True-Value's scale). No Trade-In.
Purchase date 7/20/15 New '15 AWD Traverse LT2, 80 miles MSRP $43, 550 w/dual sunroofs, Nav, leather & upgraded passenger seat including $395 for red paint

Purchase price $40,000 even, taillights down the road for cash including the 5% tax differential against a $35500 trade, GM bucks, rebates and discount.

Actual cost was less since I received $500 more in KBB trade-in :D for the '15 Honda Pilot than the heavily discounted price I paid for it in Dec. '14!

Finally able to purchase a GM with Nav without having to include another $2K+ for a rear entertainment center......still have the plastic on the rear screen, packaged remote and headsets for the one in my '13 Avalanche....they'll be used only once before the 3/36 expires to assure they work.

Purchase Date 02/12/52016
Car Dealership Hubler Chevrolet, indianapolis, Indiana
Model Year 2016
MSRP 48345
Invoice 45530
Incentives received -1250 GM REBATE

Price after incentives 40680
-10000 TRADE IN

Total before Tax/tags 30680
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Purchase Date - 3/14/16
Bob Moore Buick GMC - Oklahoma City
2013 Traverse 2LT FWD
Cyber Gray Metallic
7 Passenger Ebony Cloth
Odometer - 36537
Price - $22326 -Less $1500 Trade (POS 02 Land Rover) + $309 Doc Fee - $21135 Out The Door
100% 36 mo 2.99% Financing - $614.63/mo
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