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I'm trying a new forum feature that I'd like you guys to test for me. I've added a "Rate a Topic" feature that allows you to assign a rating to each topic, from 0 to 5. Please use this feature when you can to see if it's useful and doesn't cause problems with the server. Here's the breakdown:

0 = Worthless - This thread is a complete waste of time
1 = Poor - This thread doesn't interest me or is so far off topic it takes away from the forum
2 = Average - While this thread doesn't particularly interest me, it has some redeeming value to the forum
3 = Good - This thread contains good/informative information and is definitely worth reading
4 = Excellent - Very informative, something every Lambda owner (or potential owner) should know.
5 = Outstanding - One of the best threads on the site, this forum simply wouldn't be as good without it!

For now, I've only turned this feature on for the main "General Discussion" board. Once we test this for a few day and determine it's worthwhile, I'll turn it on for the rest of the boards as well. You'll find the "rate" drop-down box in the upper right corner of the thread, once you click in it. The current rating for that thread is listed both on the message index and at the top of the thread itself. Again, once we determine this work, is bug-free and is useful, I'll also create some tools for listing the top rated thread on the main page (or somewhere), but for now, you can click on the "rating" column header and rank the posts within "General Discussion" by rating.

Thanks for your help guys!
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