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Because all four Lambda vehicles have much in common, a lot of the conversations on each of the four different forums apply to all models. One topic may get covered better in one forum than the others. So help make sure you can find everything relevant, the new Lambda Super Search is now available.

Click on the Search Button in the top navigation bar (between 'Help' and 'Profile') and you'll now notice two sections:

The first - Lambda Super Search - Search all four Lambda Forums at once now allows you to see results gathered from,, and at the same time. This uses Google's search technology and ranks them by "most relevant". It should be a good place to start any general purpose search.

The second - Set Search Parameters - Search just this site is the standard "advanced search" area for, you guessed it, just this site. Use this to drill down more deeply in threads that are only found here.

Please let me know if you have any problems using the new Lambda Network Search Engine. Thanks, and enjoy!
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