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Hi folks, I have a 2021 LT black, made a lot of mods like :

1- Smoked cab lights
2- Thule Box
3- Window wind deflectors
4- Front hood scoop.
5- Interior is all carbon fiber
6- De-chromed all the car
7- Tire Letterring
8-Brake calibers painted red.
9- Tinted rear break lights ( did not like the way they have applied it) is there a pre-cut one , that fits?
10- Smoked front headlights
11-Removed the oranges signal with a smoked pre-cut film.
12- Sunroof deflector.
13- Tire caps blacked out.

What other mods I can do ?

I want to add the running boarding but unfortunately,I am not able to find here in Dubai, if want to order from GM it will cost a fortune, and they are very small, saw the TAC running boards but it can't be delivered here.

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