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Hi folks, I have a 2021 LT black, made a lot of mods like :

1- Smoked cab lights
2- Thule Box
3- Window wind deflectors
4- Front hood scoop.
5- Interior is all carbon fiber
6- De-chromed all the car
7- Tire Letterring
8-Brake calibers painted red.
9- Tinted rear break lights ( did not like the way they have applied it) is there a pre-cut one , that fits?
10- Smoked front headlights
11-Removed the oranges signal with a smoked pre-cut film.
12- Sunroof deflector.
13- Tire caps blacked out.

What other mods I can do ?

I want to add the running boarding but unfortunately,I am not able to find here in Dubai, if want to order from GM it will cost a fortune, and they are very small, saw the TAC running boards but it can't be delivered here.

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Very cool! I'm always interested to see how cars are modded in other countries, and Dubai always has cool stuff. Love the car culture there.

In terms of mods, I'm not sure what else you could do. These don't have a ton of aftermarket support in the US and yours is one of the more modified ones I've seen. You could do a lot of interior work next.
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