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Kemosabe said:
I'm just guessing here, but if you lived in Clovis for 5 years, you were probably stationed at Cannon AFB?? I'll venture a further guess and ask about F-111s??
I worked the EF's while I was there :thumb:

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Re: Re: New Mexico aqui!!

Just arrived in Rio Rancho a week ago. So far I love it. A big change from New York, but not totally new to me since I spent 25 years in Texas and Utah. Nice to be back in the land of wide open spaces and friendly people after 10 years in the People's Republic of New York! I'll only be in NM for one year unless I find a permanent job here, but I'm never leaving these western mountains again!

Unfortunately, I still don't have a Traverse, but getting closer... (one year from now at the very latest!)
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