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New LT cloth price

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Got a LT cloth with nothing added about 3 weeks ago. I paid 32k for the truck.... then i added tax, title, and exteneded warranty.
Here is the break down..... maybe this can help on a new purchase.

$35,595 msrp with destination
$34, 567 invoice from true car
$750 chevy rebate

So thats $1,817 below invoice after the $750 rebate was applied.

Then i traded in my old truck that had a KBB max trade of $1,186.

Thats $631 below invoice.

I think its a good deal.... I hope someone can use this info to beat it.

I also figured dealers hold back at 3% off msrp to be about $1035.
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...All other colours are extra by at least $500 more. And the pearl colour you dont want to know. Lol.
I just checked out the Canadian Chevy site and can't believe they charge extra for those the States it's only an additional $395 (slightly more than the canadian price) for a couple of colors (red and black currant) and then the pearl is $995 which is also more than the Canadian price after the exchange rate.

Is it like this with all vehicles? I know there are typically some premium colors available here, but for anything outside of white it seems ridiculous for them to charge extra.
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