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My 2022 Traverse RS - Problems (So Far)

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Picked up my 22 Traverse RS model in Black back in late December. No heated seats and no heated steering wheel (later retrofit). To date I have 3,500mls on it.

1. Floor carpeting in driver foot well (especially at left foot rest) is loose and and moves under your feet. Almost like the insulation is missing. Brought it to the dealer and if course it's "normal" according to them. It wasn't normal on my 19 Traverse.

2. Rear seat(s) squeak everytime I go over a bump.

3. First day, SD card removed warning. I have to eject card and reinsert to get it to work. This is on a daily basis. Dealer can't "recreate" issue. Yeah ok. I think they just don't know how to fix it.

4. Battery dead at 1,700mls. Vehicle towed and battery replaced. Alternator seems iffy to me. Voltage seems to be too low to charge battery at times (12.4-12.5v). Other times it's at 14.5v but not for long. Dealer tells me this is "normal".

5. Radio audio sometimes doesn't work. Comes on but no audio. Shut car off and on and it comes back on. Also sometimes changing the station via the steering wheel controls causes it to skip or not light up station it's on. Didn't have it looked at yet, but I'm sure I'll get the it's "normal" routine from the dealer. Just to note, my 21 Silverado has the same exact issues with it's radio and steering wheel control button.

6. Sometimes hear/feel a metal clicking from the front end that almost sounds/feel like ABS engagement. Happened twice randomly, and happened this morning making a turn under acceleration, but the forward collision lights on the dash flashed and beeped, and I heard/felt it again. Anyone experience anything like this?

7. Steering making noise when turning right and left. Sounds like a bad power steering pump noise.

8. Squeaky brakes in the early cool mornings.

Btw, between this thing and my 2021 Silverado with 25,000mls that is currently having the lifters replaced, I'm quickly tiring of GM products and GM dealers with their "it's normal" BS. But at least I got the auto stop override button I wanted.

Pics of my 22 next to my 19 on trade in day.
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22 Premier here. The one thing I can relate to is the clicking in front. I have heard this when ACC is on and the vehicle has to slow down in response to the vehicle ahead of me slowing. I don’t hear or notice it when ACC is not engaged.
Does your driver's foot well carpeting move around or feel loose or give way at the foot rest?

My wife describes the clicking as sounding like a bicycle chain, I feel like is sounds like ABS engagement, is that what you would describe it as? I'm wondering if it's just some type of warning indicator.
No, I don’t notice the issue with the carpeting. Then again, we do have the all weather liners which go up a little bit onto the false pedal area so that might be something keeping things in check.

Oh no, definitely not that loud. It sounds like a click of a gear engaging.
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