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I have had some issues with my 2018 but nothing like you.

Brakes were squeaky, just put some brembo quiet brake on and it’s never come back.

Broken headrest made a squeak in my 2nd row. Took me like a day to figure it out. It was the button to flip the head test down a clip was broken.

Shift to park issue.

Transmission shutter

Random engine code that never came back at 83k miles

Clicking from front left, ended up going away after I removed and reinstalled the rim. I think something was between the rim and hub.

Replaced wireless charger, it was the wrong part number installed from factory, replaced and worked with my iPhone after (lol)

Vap leak, replaced the part that takes gas vapor from gas tank into engine (78k miles)

Brakes and pads


Can’t think of anything else….
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