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It was a great Memorial Weekend until the drive home. About 100 miles into the 460 mile trip, the car in front of me hit a leftover piece from a semi's blown out tire. Then I hit it and it got caught in the front passenger wheel well. It whipped around and then flew out the back. At first I thought, my tire blew out. I pulled over and looked it over and the tire looked fine. I kept driving and monitored the tire pressure. 39 psi... good... 38 psi... hmmm... all of a sudden it dropped to 33 psi... uh oh.

The Traverse was fully loaded with the wife and 4 kids, I didn't want to pull over the side of the freeway. So I drove another 5 miles to the next gas station. Within a mile of the gas station, the low tire pressure warning came on (24 psi!!!). I limped into the gas station and spent 30 minutes changing out the tire. I figured there was no point in calling OnStar for roadside assistance. It's Memorial Day... I'd probably be waiting for hours for help.

That spare tire is TINY! It's rated for 65mph and 3,000 miles. I also found out there is a plastic bag to store the flat tire in so it doesn't dirty up the cargo area. Very nice. It was a bit of a challenge to rearrange the luggage, now that the flat tire and the plastic spare tire cover now take up all the cargo space in back (3rd row seat is up).

Also, with the spare tire on, the speedometer is high by 10%. Since the spare is rated for 65mph, I set the cruise control to 65mph. It seemed really, really slow. I had my Garmin with me so I used that to check my speed... 59mph! No wonder I felt slow. To get to 65mph, the cruise control had to be set to 72mph.

Here's some mileage info I found out. On the way down to Chicago (460 miles, one way) I set the cruise control to 70 mph and got 23.4 mpg. On the way back, with the spare tire on, I set it at 65 mph and got 25.0 mpg. The Traverse handled very well on the highway at 65 mph. It didn't pull to one side with the tiny spare. But you can really tell the spare is there at slow speeds and while turning. And that spare tire has no grip when you are starting from a dead stop and you are on gravel.

When I was changing the tire, I discovered the debris not only put a hole in my tire but also debadged the Traverse on the right side.

This morning, I took it to my dealer to repair the flat tire and to take a look at the debadging. The service guy said the tire was patchable and he took a look at the debadging. He said the letters are part of the molding. They would have to order it, repaint it to match the color of my truck, and then stick on the side. And here's the best part... he said, "We'll just say it's delaminating so it will be covered under warranty." :thumb: Now, it did occur to me to just tell the service guy the the very same thing. "Hey, the letters just fell off. It should be fixed under warranty." But, my conscience got the better of me and I knew that lying about it will just come back at me later on anyways. What do you know, I told the truth and still got it covered under warranty. Now, I'm still kinda bugged that the service guy is now lying on my behalf. I'm justifying it as all part of Chevy customer service. I'm pretty sure, I'm getting good treatment because I bought the Traverse from this dealership and I'm a repeat customer. I would love to give the name of the service guy and the dealership but I don't want him to get in trouble for fixing the debadging under warranty.

It was a crappy ending to a good weekend. But having awesome customer service sure makes the week look better. BTW, $25 to patch the hole and the new badging should be arriving at the end of the week. :cheers:
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