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Love my 2023 Traverse RS.......BUT

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So, I totally love my new traverse (went from a 2020 Ram Crew Cab) BUT is there any little tid bits anyone cares to share to give it a little more "get up and go" !? Maybe I'm just use to the hemi I had ? I still think it could have a little more power.:unsure:
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If you (and your wallet) are committed to finding extra power... You would need to find companies that are modifying Colorado/Canyon/Camaro/Cadillac 3.6 vehicles and have them take the project on. The ability to tune is there, it's all about what they can fit on the vehicle and how much customization is needed (thinking supercharger here).

The wild card, and the reasoning I read somewhere for why Ford scrapped the 9 speed and created their own 8 speed FWD transmission after using their version of the 6T75, is that the torque rating for the transmission may not hold up to higher levels from forced induction.
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