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Hi all,
i guess i lost my key fob yesterday. its the one you push to start the car, and unfortunately i dont have a spare.
The dealer wants me to tow the car there, and wants to charge me for coding cutting etc, overall above $450
any ideas maybe?
I attached a picture of the key fob.
Thanks a lot


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Hey everyone,

just wanted to post an update, after a long research i did, here is what i came up with.

I guess there is a huge difference between different keys, models, etc.

Also locksmiths and dealers charge different amounts for the very same key.

It helped me save a lot of money (more than $150).

Generally speaking, to get a replacement key, you have three options:

1.Call an automotive locksmith that offers a mobile service for cars. Here is a phone number for a company that have many different locations and locksmiths: 800-223-1453. I think the work all around the US but not sure. Give them a call and ask.

2.Tow the car to the dealer.

3.Order a key online and have the dealer or locksmith cut and program it for you (if necessary).
Here is the link to read more:


If you do call a locksmith or the dealer, don’t forget to mention some important information so they will check if they have the key blank and the necessary tools to code you the new key:

1.Year, make and model of the car
2.Your exact location including street address and zip (for the locksmith to find you easily)
3.VIN number of the car located on the dashboard – very important
4.Make sure you can show them proof of ownership – otherwise they will not make you a new replacement key.

Regarding the cost, it really depends on the type of key you had.

There are 3 main types of keys:

Non-chip keys: for older models (mostly 2000 and older)

Transponder chip keys – these types of keys must be coded on site with a special machine, otherwise the car wont start. These are more expensive to make

Key fob – push to start – these are the most expensive types of keys. Mostly made for models made after 2015.
The average cost is somewhere between $180-$450. It also depends on your location, time of day, weekend, etc etc.

Here is the link for some additional information:

Of course, i hope you wont need it ;)
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