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Loss of Coolant with no apparent reason

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2009 Traverse LTZ based in Bahrain. Recently the car has started tending to run hot. Upon checking the coolant level was low, and was topped up. There are no apparent leaks anywhere on the car. Every day or two the coolant level has fallen to the bottom of the reservoir tank. Looking for suggestions as to what the cause could be.
I have checked the engine oil, no evidence of water there. When the coolant level is topped up the car temperature is normal during operation.
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Being a 2009.
Double check the timing chain cover.
Check for a trail of wet or dry of coolant that is drying up before hitting the ground.
Also check the coolant hoses for the heater core.
These are close to the brake booster/ firewall.
The connectors are hard plastic that can crack and leak.

Check the connections on the connectors of this hose

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Don't forget to check the lines to the rear HVAC. They run under the car on the passenger side.
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