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:rockon: Hello All,

I just purchased a Brand New 2009 Chevrolet Traverse 1LT - Desert Brown Metallic w/Ebony Interior & Rear Bench Seats on Monday, Aug. 10th, 2009. Since I work for OnStar and just recently had a baby, i've been looking on getting a bigger vehicle for our daily family use. I was more inclined towards getting a minivan but My wife did not want to get stuck with the Soccer Mom image and plus working for GM, I did not want to go with a Chrysler or a Honday minivan.

After a lot of research and looking at deals at the moment, this is what I got:
Actual MSRP (without taxes and plate) - $32,520
With GMS Discount - $30,021
Total Price (with taxes and new plate) - $31,997.98
Dealership Purchased from: Buff whelan Chevrolet Inc., Sterling Heights, MI

So far i've liked the car, the ride, look and feel of it. I do have some issues that I am trying to overcome and am listing below for everyone to know so that you are aware on your purchase:

1. Since I am a serious car guy, I made sure to look and inspect the whole vehicle in and out before purchasing. During my inspection, I found a very small scratch on the rear passenger driver side door. It's so miniscule that you have to really pay close attention to it. I brought this to the dealer's attention and he has ordered some touch up paint for me and told me that he will take care of it. This is surprising to me since I bought my vehicle from Buff Whelan Chevrolet in Sterling Heights, MI, they are considered one of the biggest dealerships here yet they did not carry the paint in stock. I could've easily gotten another vehicle except they did not have this color with the option I wanted in their inventory. I figured it's not that bad and went forward with it. Don't know yet if I made a mistake or not but I will keep you posted on the outcome.

2. There were also some minor scratches on the front bumper but they were able to buff them out and I cannot even find them anymore, they did a good job with that.

3. When I took upon the delivery of the vehicle and the Dealer educated me on all the features and then hit the OnStar button for the Welcome Call, I was surprised to find out that they setup my account incorrectly as well as my name and put me on hold just to drop the call eventually and not do anything about it. This is after me being an OnStar employee but I did escalate that internally and they are since looking into it. Again, not a big deal but still an issue.

4. After taking the car and driving back home on the hwy, with all my windows up, I could hear little wind noises from certain areas. I feel like the ruber beeding that goes around the windows are not set in correctly. Again no one else in my family heard it except me so I am willing to give it some more time and hope it's not my paranoia

5. Also, the storage compartment right above the radio on the dash, sits a little higher on one side than the other. Just another GM quality issue but i've seen that with my other vehicles as well, here and there. I have an 2003 Nissan Altima and an 2006 Hyundai Sonata.

Besides all of the above issues, so far both my wife and I are enjoying the vehicle. This is my 1st GM vehicle and my wife's 2nd. She had a 2001 Pontiac Grand AM which had so many issues from the day she pruchased it to the point that everytime I took it in to the dealership, the service guy would say to me that he see's more of me than his wife. Funny to him but not me. After that car, we both pretty much decided never ever to buy a GM vehicle again and my other 2 cars (Altima and Sonata) both have been good with almost no issues what so ever. The Sonata, however, does have cheap plastic interior and rough suspension which I hate but I am hoping to upgrade to a Pontiac G8 GT or the New Impala that comes out in a few years so I am not that too worried yet. Since now working for GM, I had little choice in decision making and also I wanted to stay true to my company.

I already looked around in getting the Back Up camera and the rear back up sensors installed because with the car being so high and my wife being only '5"2, I feel it's a must. My dealership gave me a 3rd party contact called Automotive Enhancements who installs the Back up Camera for $799.99 + tax and back up sensors for $329.99 + tax (sensors to match the bumper color is $75 extra). The prices is too much so I am still debating about it but I think eventually I will atleast get the Back up Sensors and possibly the remote starter before winter.

I am also considering tinting the front 2 windows with 35% just because I tint all my cars.

Besides the above few changes, no other mods yet but hope to get more suggestions from you all.

I also uploaded the picture of my vehicle at the time of purchase at the dealership. My 1st choice in color was Dark Cherry Metallic but since my Sonata's color is burgundy, it was almost similiar and we went with our 2nd choice which is Desert Brown Metallic. So far everyone has only given positive comments on the color and the car overall and I hope it's stays the same. My wife is also a stay home mom since we had the baby so I am hoping we do not put a lot of miles on the car and keep it for a very long time.

That's all for now but I will be a frequent member posting here here on... :shades:
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