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So- I dont want to upgrade XM- and pay more to get Howard Stern. I already have Sirius- and the radio does some things I like- playback 45 min- and notifies me of 30 of my fav' songs.

Im my Trailblazer- I had the ANT out cable going straight to the rear of the ANT in on the radio- in essence- it 'injected' the signal in to the radio- and I tuned into the radio station...

As I found out-- the radios on the traverse have a new antenna connection--- I will not allow me to use the box/cable I had in the Trailblazer.

So heres what I did....

Removed the face plate to the radio... I simply grabbed the sides of the faceplate and gently tugged. It pulls off. Several clips hold it in place.
You just have to be careful with the one on the upper left (the part that forms the silver streak going to the cluster-- make sure you tug that one carefully- so you dont break it. I placed a rag under the AC controls so that there wouldnt be any scratches anywhere.
4 screws and you can pull out the radio... the cables are long enough- and the radio is surprisingly light...

looking at the antenna connections...
the one on the right- is what comes in the Traverse....
the one on the left is what comes on the kit I had on the Trailblazer...
as you can see- theyre way different. (its possible they sell a new kit) But I wont bother looking.

I simply put everything back toghether.
I decided to use the little storage hole as a place to put my Sirius.
I also placed a small battery pack back there (2 AAA) batteries that power a flashing LED.
But I simply placed the Sirius antenna at the base of the windshield......... in the pic- you can see the cable-- but I eventually hid the cable in the seams- so you see no cable. the Antenna ended up way up against the base of the window- and doesnt stand out

Since it was getting dark...

I ran the power to the rear 12v plug... I simply plugged it in- and ran the cable between the seat and center console.
The Antenna cable along- hidden in the footwell area.
The AUDIO out cable- is left with more loose cable- so I can plug in my Police scanner.

You can see the cables sticking out the left side of the radio. Since my interior is Ebony- the black cable blend in.
I wrapped a little electrical tape to keep them toghether.

On the right hand side- I ran the AUDIO cable to the AUX in port.
Ill try to find an audio cable with a rt angle plug so that the cable points straight down-- instead of straight out like shown in the pic....

Once I have a little more time- ill try to conceal the cables a little better. But as is-- they dont look too bad-- as they blend in with the dark interior.
Also visible is my Police Scanner. I plug this in and can then hear the police chatter thru my speakers.

The small LED-- All it does is simply blink. I had this in my Trailblazer-- and just carried it over.
At night its fairly visible. I just have to set it in a place where you cant see the little black board it sits on.
Ill tidy things up in the next few days.

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