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Hey guys I’m new to the page and I have a 2013 Chevy Traverse AWD LTZ and my air conditioner went out.

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I was on the road heading down to AZ and my a/c just started blowing out hot ass air.Does anyone know the common problem/ problems and solutions? Please help me before I take it into a shop.
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Here's my tale of woe, not yet resolved.

Most common causes: Bad air flow actuators, leaks in the refrigerant lines going back to the rear AC, an AC line in the engine compartment that rubs on something nearby.
First put a set of gauges on the system, engine off. Whats the reading? Start the engine, a/c on, fans on high, is the clutch engaged? If not, stop engine, pull the a/c relay and jumper # 30 to #87 terminal. Does the clutch engage? If so, start engine, whats the reading? DO NOT jumper any other terminal to # 30.

Just to be safe, with engine off and a/c relay pulled, use a digital volt/ohm meter, set to the lowest ohm reading, connect one probe to the # 87 terminal of the a/c relay and the other to the black(hot) wire at the compressor. Should read O, or close to it.
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