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Hi all,

I'm literally going to snap! I took out a brand new 2023 Traverse and I love the drive, the space, and everything about it. However, after owning the car for around one week, I noticed a front-end rattling noise. I immediately contacted my dealership, but they are quite far from me, so I decided to do some research first.

After doing a lot of research, I found that this is a known issue for the Traverse. I took it to a nearby CERTIFIED Chevy service location and they told me it was normal. However, after I convinced them that it was not normal, they told me the loud rattling noise comes from the Purge valve and they would replace it. But, if it didn't fix the issue, I was out of luck.

The noise is still there, and it's driving me nuts! The car is never quiet! I did see some older YouTube videos of people replacing the Purge valve, and the rattle stopped, but none of them were from the newer model. So, it might be that the rattling sound is normal for old purge valves.

Now, I know three people who have the new Traverse, and all of them have the same issue. I mean, where are we? It's 2023, and we have brand new Chevys and every second Traverse owner has this issue, and there's no resolution!

Whoever can help me with any information that will lead to a fix, I'll quick-pay you $100!
That's where we are in 2023 with American car manufacturers..."
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Based on your pictures and the others it looks like you flipped those two lines. In yours the PCV line is now under the purge line. It may not matter but if you change the "vac hose" repair for the the "rubber/foam" parts you may want to change that routing back to the original.
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