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So this was an interesting drive-- thought Id share- just because its a bit commical at the end...
Had to take Grandma to the airport. Los Angeles Int. Airport.
Its 9pm- I gas up- hit the freeway. It start to gently rain. So CAL drivers are horrible in the rain.
MOST cars/semis actually slowed down and traveled gently down the LA freeways.
Our speeds were 40-59 mph- gentle cruising- light traffic- just moving along.
41 miles later- as im getting to the LAX offramp- the DIC shows 31.0 MPG.... Impressive.
So I park on the top floor of a parking structure.
Few hrs later once we begin to leave- so many people were leaving that one parking structure- that it took me 25 minutes to exit 2 floors.
The comical part was that as I sat there for 25 minutes- the DIC went from 31.0 to 24.4 MPG just from all that idling waiting to exit the structure. :eek:hno:

So that sucked. Once back on the freeway- I was able to drive 55 (its now 30 min past midnight) and once home- 82 miles later- I showed 26.4 MPG.
That 31 looked so nice while it was on there.
Side note---
But based on my history- its was pretty close to real. (prev hand calc best MPG was 30 MPG)

Traffic conditions were just right. Just imagine me staring at that ADIC as time passed and the DIC counted down....
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