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Used the wireless headsets (for the kids) for the first time while they watched their DVD. We had on XM up front at the same time. As soon as the movie ended, my wife had the kids turn off the headsets. The XM continued to play normally until we reached our destination and shut the vehicle off. At the end of the day, when we started the vehicle, the radio was on but no sound would come out of the radio whatsoever.

The solution was to pop out the DVD, put the DVD back in and then pop it out a final time. The minute we did this, the sound came back on. I never read to see if I should have 'ended' the DVD playing in some special way.

But in case this ever happens to anyone else, you have an easy solution.... when.... you are driving your wife's Traverse for the first time in a long time and....

your wife accuses you of screwing up her new ride and demanding to know what you are going to do to fix it.
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