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Hi all, new here. This will be long so please stay with me I am going to give some recent history since 7/2021.

In July 2021 while at a gas station the car went into "power save mode" drove home, and it died, would not restart.
I took the battery out and had it tested and it tested good. That told me it was the alternator, so I bought a new
after market alternator, tested it and it said bad voltage regulator. Pulled the alternator again, since it had
warranty, and switched it, again said bad voltage regulator. I finally bought an OEM alternator and swithched it
for a 3rd time and then had it tested and it tested fine... except the air wont work. Drivers side air blows hot
air, passengers side and rear work fine. I replaced the acuator on drivers side, lasted only 1 day then back to blowing
hot air. I can reset the actuators by pulling the HVAC fuse from the passenger side, and some times it works. Last time
I did this and it worked I thought well lets check the heat. Drivers side produced heat, so went from A/C to heat and
passenger side was still cold, but rear works fine, rear does A/C and heat. I should also mention even with the new
alternator and no dash warning lights, the voltmeter drops to just above 13 even with a/c-heat off.. sometimes it does
come back up to 14. (I hate this truck). So, I am thinking a bad ground, but where???? I recently read on the
traverse forum that the underhood fuse box could short out when alternator blows. I went to a junk yard and got
a new under hoood fuse box, replaced all the fuses and installed it, worked great for 3 days, still no a/c. Now when I
went to check the under hood fuse box it is warm to the touch... again telling me there is a bad ground (where?). I
need help. I am single with no family, luckily do have a mechanic friend who said there are over 40 ground wires so
it will be hard to determine which one it is. Of note, after replacing the alternator the 3rd time, the remote negative
post under the hood would not let me check the system... I had to do it directly from the battery. I have had a love for
mechanics since I was a kid and I am kinda handy with it, and only start a job once I do research to figure out the right
way to do it. I am stumpped, but I am pulling toward a loose ground or bad ground, however do not have the electrical
education to determine which one it would be. Again no warning lights, only a/c and heat dont work, and actuators are new
on passenger side and drivers side and it blows air and will switch positions. I need ground wire suggestions. Thank
you for reading this long post, I have looked all over the web for suggestions and nothing is coming up. I could narrow it
down to G301 or G302 ground, but can not find the location of either one. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! DM is open if you have more
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