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I have a blue 2013 Traverse that has a scrape/dent across both the right doors. I've found several dismantlers/parts recyclers that have these vehicles and parts in stock but would like to confirm couple of things:

Are doors the same on all 1st gen Traverses? i.e. would a 2011 or 2014 fit on 2013?

I can't seem to find the paint code on Traverse. I've looked in glove box and the trunk, but can't find a label with code on it. And for some reason it seems like Chevy used different paint codes every year. For example, 2012 has Evolution Blue Metallic (19C, 718S, GGU, WA718S ), Space Blue metallic (24, 819P, 819T, GLF, WA819P, WA819T ), Dark Ming Blue Metallic (25, 25U, 722J, WA722J), while 2013-14 was only available in Atlantis Blue Metallic (106V, GWY, WA106V) . This is info pulled from

Thanks in advance.
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