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Dan - I haven't had the chance to drive over grooved concrete yet, but so far my 2019 is solid, feels firmly planted and in control. The previous owner put some Hankook's on mine. For the most part they are OK, but get a little too much tire squeak accelerating from a dead stop in a spirited way. Didn't notice that on a test drive with Michelin's on the test vehicle. With cool, warm or hot wet and dry roads I feel firmly in control so far.

So, maybe it is the combination of tires and surface?

This does remind of many (many) years ago, as a kid, riding on the grooved roads in Southern California. We had bias ply tires back then on the pickup truck camper (Tiltin' Hiltin'). They would get a flat side when parked too long and thump down the road for a while until they warmed up and smoothed out.

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