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Both high and low beams on at same time

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I have a 2011 Traverse that has blown the low beam lights twice. I just replaced them about 2 months ago and while on the way home they went out again. In using high beams to get home I looked at the lights and both high and low beams were lit…I know there are some headlight issues with this model but I cant find a thread on this. Any recommendations?
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Your Daytime Running lights (DRL) use your low beams; it sends a "low voltage" to the low beams (acutally it's a pulse width modulation, but you don't need to know that). So your low beams can be lit by the DRL circuit OR by the low beam relay.
I'm guessing your low beam relay is bad, since the DRL circuit runs through both low beam fuses. See the wiring diagrams below. The DRL relay on the right in the first diagram sends power to the triangle with the A inside in the lower right of the diagram. In the second diagram, you'll see another triangle with an A inside titled "Fuseblock underhood." This is the same wire as the A triangle in the first diagram.
So power from the DRL relay in the first diagram feeds to below the LT LO BEAM fuse in the 2nd diagram. It then flows DOWN to the Left Low Beam lamp and UP through the LT LO BEAM fuse, then over and DOWN through the RT LO BEAM fuse to the Right Low Beam lamp.
So I suspect you're seeing the low voltage DRL power in the low beams, but not the normal full voltage that you would see if the Low Beam Relay was actuating. Look for a relay in the fuse and relay box under the hood for another relay with the same PN on top. Swap it with the Low Beam Relay and see if that fixes your problem. If so, you need a new relay.

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