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Aliso Bob's 2020 Traverse Road Trip.....

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Wifey has done allot of Road Trips in the Traverse.... This was my first. A 860 mile trip from Orange County, up thru Death Valley for a few days....then home down the 395....back thru Riverside... then home,

What a effortless drive. So comfy, so smooth, and passing power to spare to slingshot around slower moving passenger cars and big rig trucks. We even went off-roading a few times. The Traverse ground clearance was a bit challenged, but the suspension and traction were up to the task.
The new Bosch Quiet Cast brakes performed very well.... Here's a few snapshots....

Tailwinds are awesome.....

Bugs.......are not.

She's a dirty girl.......

I'm right at the end of my 6k mile OCI and the oil is right where I expected it to be. It's used about 0.4 quarts....pretty good. 60k total mileage. I attribute it to my "Drive in like you Stole it" break in proceedure. :p
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Someone ought to replace the flag in that second pic.
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