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Aliso Bob's 2020 Traverse Road Trip.....

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Wifey has done allot of Road Trips in the Traverse.... This was my first. A 860 mile trip from Orange County, up thru Death Valley for a few days....then home down the 395....back thru Riverside... then home,

What a effortless drive. So comfy, so smooth, and passing power to spare to slingshot around slower moving passenger cars and big rig trucks. We even went off-roading a few times. The Traverse ground clearance was a bit challenged, but the suspension and traction were up to the task.
The new Bosch Quiet Cast brakes performed very well.... Here's a few snapshots....

Tailwinds are awesome.....

Bugs.......are not.

She's a dirty girl.......

I'm right at the end of my 6k mile OCI and the oil is right where I expected it to be. It's used about 0.4 quarts....pretty good. 60k total mileage. I attribute it to my "Drive in like you Stole it" break in proceedure. :p
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Looks like a nice trip with a good beverage break. Glad you weren’t drinking a Bud Light.
Queen of beers for the queen of the drag strip!

I kid, no malice or harmful intent. I used to drink Bud Light a lot so I feel like I'm qualified to make these jokes...
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Glenn Edwards was my brother-in-law's wife's uncle (convoluted, I know!). Sad to see that American flag so tattered and torn, but it's kinda' fitting for that memorial in that desolate area!
I was kind of thinking the same thing... sure, a pristine flag would be most respectful but I kind of feel like those that have gone through and made the sacrifices would rather see the flag more "battle hardened" and not crisp and new. For the pictures I'm seeing, I think the flag fits the memorial better that way.
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