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Our set of Weather Tech Digifit floor coverings showed up about 18 days after ordering. The
front liners dropped right into place after removing the stock floor mats. Virtually perfect,
they impressed me with their precision fit. I'm not sure if you're supposed the cut out the
mat for the locking tabs on the floor to be brought through, then rotated to lock like the
stock mats do, but they are so snug, i figured they're not meant to be cut. I would like a
bit of carpet where my heels rest, though, to keep my shoes from squeaking. Weather Tech
could make a removable carpet insert that would fit tight enough not to move around,
I'd bet, or just glue it in.

The second row liner was folded up in the box, so I was worried it wouldn't lay flat, but it
smoothed right out. The problem, instead, was the lack of coverage. Because of the
sliding needs of the secound row, there are huge cut outs in the Weather Techs, exposing
way more of the 2nd row flooring than the stock mats, which are themselves a bit lacking.
The stock mats get away with covering more by allowing the mat to push (fold) forward while
the 3rd row is loaded.

I don't see the reason to bother making these second row liners. A flip up panel to be deployed
by the user to allow the seat to slide, but flip down to cover the huge cut outs might be the
best bet for this design. I'll probably cut some indoor outdoor carpet that'll allow 2nd row seat
sliding by folding up like the stock mats, but take coverage all the way out to the doors like
(and farther back than) the Weather Techs. There is no liner available from Mac Niel for the
floor of the 3rd row.

Which leads to the rear cargo liner. I bought the one that covers to the back of the 2nd row seats,
needing to fold the 3rd row seats down to fit it in. They also sell a liner that covers the floor
behind the 3rd row when it's flipped up. I'll need to remove the liner to use my 3rd row seats.

The fit of the rear liner is great, settling from it's rolled up shipping state rather quickly. I threw
the stock front mats on the back corners to hold the liner down the 1 or 2 inch gap at the back.
They laid down tight the next day with no weight. The only improvement I would make would
be to make the surface of the rear liner tackier . I can imagine things sliding accoss this in a
medium hard corner. Still, I love it! Great coverage!

Two thumbs up on the front liners and cargo mat. I wouldn't recommend the 2nd row liner, though.
I'm only including one picture, that of the 2nd row WT sitting on top of the stock floor mat to show
the cut outs in the liner. We bought black, because the grey that's shown in the ads looks too light
for us.


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my synopsis is a little different. agree w/ you on the front driver/passenger mats pefect fit as you explain. when i ordered mine i opted for the 2nd and 3rd row all in one piece, and to my dismay it fits very good and coverage is equal to or greater than oem. i say this because i have 2nd row bucket which allows for a runway strip down the middle.

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:) Bowtie do you have a picture of how your fit? I have second row buckets also and would like to see the fit.


8) Steve

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What Steve said.
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