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23 RS

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Hi everyone, I have a couple of quick questions.
1) Has anyone noticed the clunky shifting of the 2023 nine speed, when downshifting to as stop, and sometimes upon take off from a stop? Seems to only occur at low rpms. Shifts great when accelerating hard. Also, is anyone using a premium trans fluid, and if so, what kind? What benefit are you getting from it?
2) Has anyone found a clear bug deflector for the 23? Been thinking about PPF, but is very expensive.
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Ive noticed that its programmed to practically shift at 2000 rpms in the early gears.
A little different from my 2010.
But I really like the mpg's in the 23.

I ordered some for front bumper, headlights, and drl's.
Installed it myself. Had never done it.
So yeah, theres some bubbles that are still working their way out.
my assistants(kids) left and i was left to do the front bumper .... yeah that was hard as of all things the wind blew.
The kit also had a strip of material that I have no idea where it was meant to go... maybe leftover from the cutting machine?
So i applied it to the lip of the hood. Does not cover the entire lenght of lip, but ill take it.
I decided on the ppf because my morning commute has many semis from the rock/sand quarries. I could hear the front end being pelted... the low headlamps were a major concern.
Is my install it perfect? No.
Do the bubbles stand out? Yes if you look hard.
My sister said, they blend in with all the bug splatter.

I have the sage green metallic.
The kit was $295 i believe.
Would i do it again? Sure. Id make sure assistants didnt leave with mom.
The drl's have a turn on the bottom. No matter what i did, i could not get the ppf to stick, im sure installers have extra tools for these dificult bends. I simply took a razor blade and sliced it off.
The ppf covers the clear lens. The difficult part is black and i wasnt worried about this part being protected so i sliced of a little strip on the bottom of both drls.
Being my 1st time I was worried that the film would dry or become damaged from it not being applied in time.
When the wind blew, part of the ppf flipped over and contacted floor.. yeah some dog hair and small little debris got stuck to it.
I was able to spray off the stuff.
Once applied i can see 1 little spec that i didnt remove.
Oh well, live and learn.
My recommendation.... have someone stick around while you do the big pieces like the bumper.
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