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2023 Exploding Airbag Recall

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Hello Everyone.
Joined the forum 2018 when I bought 2016 Traverse LT to go trailering, this is my first post.
Recall announced May 10, 2023 for 450K+ Traverse (and 290+K Acadia / 244+K Enclave) recall: Chevy Traverse Recalled For Risk Of Exploding Driver Airbag Inflator
Recall letters supposed to be mailed 26 June.
There was a smaller ~500 unit recall in 2021, took just over 3 months from initial announcement until official actionable recall letters mailed.
With upwards of one million replacement units to supply, not expecting to get it repaired for most of summer.
Just in time for Trailering Season!!. In Canada, really only have June- Sept in most campgrounds.
Should I park the car and use my old sedan, no more trailering? Play the numbers game, carry on as normal and hope for the best? Unhook the airbag connector?
Could have handled this much better 3 months ago, it couldn't have come at a worse time. I would like to hear what you folks think about this.
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I would just drive it. Traverse is not the only vehicle affected as these airbags were made by a 3rd party in Mexico.
They made bags for other vehicle manufacturers also.
This may put the issue in better perspective, and perhaps allay your fears:

Thanks for your comments. Its a lot to think about. Hopefully "an abundance of caution" means little real probability of this happening.
Brings new meaning to the phrase “run it till she blows!”
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