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Hi guys,
I have 2020 Traverse. And I was wondering which method I should use to correctly level Transmission oil(Dexron VI). I've just drained and filled the tranny oil with engine running at idle and asked my wife to shift back and forth from P thru D.

I then closed the fill plug until the fluid sips out a drop or two. But when I shut the engine down quite amount of fluid drained out. I'd say about a quart or so.
I searched google, youtube you name it. But no perfect answer could be found for the **** "Sealed transmission" and more specifically "GM's 9 speed sealed transmission".

So, I drove about 15 mins let it cool off just a bit. Shut the engine down opened the fill plug it bleeds out the fluid again. At this very moment I think it is overfill but when I turn the engine back on it spills out no more. So I'm completely lost which rhythm I should dance to.

Need help here.
Many thanks!
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