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2020 3LT Brakes.....

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Wow, that's dissapointing. The OEM brakes didn't even make it to 65k miles, with a good portion of that freeway. I was rotating the tires, and noticed the fronts were all but gone. I almost always run OEM pads, but not now, for this application. (The rotors looked perfect)

I looked around, and the Bosch Quiet Cast series, gets allot of good reviews, so I went with them. Pretty cheap from Rock Auto.... Less than $80 for the whole job.
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They come with new hardware and slider grease. Installed perfectly, no issues.
They have been in there for a week..... I really like them! Great feel, right off the bat, even without turning the rotors. Quiet, Dust Free..... they check all the right boxes. We'll see how they last.

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Hmmm, they stopped using Akebonos?
I didnt know akebono made calipers... or that the oem calipers are made by them.
Early 1st gen pads were akebonos. Great pads...
Thats good.
Checked the 23... no listing yet. But 22 is there and also shows oem.
My 2010, i replaced fronts at 100,000 during my 100k maintenance. Pads were still good. Rears replaced somewhere at 150k?.
Our equinox, similar long life.
Well see how the 23 does.
It has the newer rotors that rust less.
The metal looks diff also
Thanks for pad pics.
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