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2019 Traverse shift into park error

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First off the vehicle belongs to my friend. He doesn't know I am doing this. At first he really like the Traverse. Great gas mileage and lots of room. May of this year 2020, vehicle started to give a shift into park message when trying to turn off. Was in park and yellow light on push button didn't go out. Tried several times to remedy problem. After a few tries vehicle shut off with no problem. Taken to dealer and under warranty, inline shifter wire jumper was replaced. That was when the mileage was around 27,000. Now 7 months later and 11,000 more miles, it is happening again. Not under warranty now. Is this an ongoing issue?
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I down loaded the Service Bulletin and I ordered the part. I installed the little wiring harness. Problem is back after a month.
I guess now, I will install a new shifter. My question is which part number is the latest FIX?
# 84693609 or # 13534326
Thanks in advance,
We're you able to find out which one was the latest fix?
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