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2019 Burning / Excessive Oil

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Posting here as a matter of principle, my 2019 Traverse AWD started burning oil at 55k. I am adding 1/2 QT every 1k miles. This is a new situation, first 50k zero adds between regular oil changes. I have a service appointment coming up to diagnose, will report back.
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My 2014 traverse (87K) has been going thru A LOT of oil!!! I run synthetic, I should be good for 5k between changes. Twice in the last year I have gotten "add oil" message. When I check the oil it is bone DRY! So I am burning thru 6 quarts in 3 months time. I'm thinking reading this forum etc I might need to look at other options.
I have a 2018 Traverse with 85,000 miles. Went 500 miles over a 5000 oil change interval (at 75,000 miles) and was told was 2 quarts low. I've been monitoring since. I seem to be losing 1 quart per 2000 miles. I know that is GM's "normal" threashold and I seem to be right at it.

I'm not a car person and so have a couple of questions.

If I add oil between changes or decrease oil change intervals how long can I expect the car to last? (Note: despite the oil consumption I've witnessed no performance issues, no smoke, no smell).

Dummy question: I know it's best to check oil on a cold engine. But I get VASTLY different dipstick readings between checking first thing in morning and when I fill up with gas. First thing in morning I might show a level just barely past lower dot; same day after driving and filling up with gas the dipstick will read 3/4 of the way to top dot. Is this much variance typical? Thanks.
Check oil level when cold and its been sitting for a while. Like overnight.
Checking level soon after shutting off does not give oil a chance to make it down to oul pan.

My 2010 was using about 2 qts on 5000 mile intervals.
I simply checked oil level every weekend and added to keep it full.
Recently got rid of it with 197,000 and bought a 2023.
Original timing chains in it too.
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My 2020 burns .5 quarts in 6,000 miles with 40k miles on the clock, and I think that's allot!
My 2005 Duramax with 300k miles burns zero qts per every 10k mile OCI.
Anything over about 1/4 quart gets my attention. I’m definitely not liking how these engines seem to age based on all the different comments we have about oil consumption. My dad’s 2020 F150 5.0 burns a lot of oil and Ford tried to say it was software but replaced the dip stick with one that lets more oil be used before hitting add (talk about BS). With everything I have seen so far, not sure my next will be a GM or Ford.
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