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I have a 2017 Chevy Traverse with 50,000 miles.

The issue is that often when it is in high acceleration, such as turning onto a freeway, etc the whole car stutters and there is no power. I can back off of the acceleration and its just fine. It sounds like there is a grinding/stuttering noise coming from the front wheels but I can't be sure. There are no warning lights that come on and it drives fine if I lesson the acceleration.

My best guess as to what is happening is the car may be in too low of a gear to accelerate that quickly, and just shutters because it can't get into a higher gear... or, there is an issue with the ABS/traction control? I don't know for sure. I would very much like to hear your thoughts.
Thank you

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My thoughts:

Watch the rpm's when you do this. Then do it again, but put it in manual and shift it yourself. If you still think it's not shifting properly you can try disconnecting the battery for a while to reset the transmissions memory. That may or may not help.

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It sound like a misfire...bad plug or ignition coil. Sometimes that won’t set a check engine light. I’d stop at autozone and ask them to scan the vehicle to see if a code shows up.

Generally shaking under acceleration or up a hill relates to an ignition issue. Let us know

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My 2 cents
Is it the engine "stumbles" ?

Engine oil pressure is used by solenoids
to activate the variable valve timing
of valves opening and closing on the combustion chamber.

It could be the solenoid
that controls the VVT variable valve timing, has filter screens ( on the solenoid)
that are plugged with engine oil gunk.
When you step on it, and vvt solenoids are electrically energized,
The engine oil, and subsequent oil pressure,
is slow in flowing thru the plugged screen cloth on solenoid
And engine oil pressure is not able to activate the solenoid, the solenoid which advances engine timing,
fast enough..... hence a stumble.

There is a recent post on this forum, called
"Traverse Stumbles on light acceleration No Codes"
where "testbob" disassembled
Then cleaned the filter screens on the 2 solenoids....
He actually has 2 separate posts on the same topic, look for them, read his comment and his solution,
he fixed his problem.

That ^^ is probably root cause.... and that is the best way to fix it...... in the meantime.....
Instead of that ^^^ , you might try
You might try using 100 percent synthetic engine oil
like penzoil platinum
And change oil every 3 to 5 k miles
Hoping that the quality oil cleans the tiny holes in the filter screens which protects the solenoid that activates the vvt
That the better quality 100% synthetic oil
flows thru the filter faster and activates the solenoids faster.
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