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New to the Forum - Appreciate the collective expertise of the group.
Two situations - not sure if they are connected or not.

I've been getting the Service Side Detection (SSD) warning for a few weeks - I've washed the vehicle to ensure it isn't just grim or dirt interfering with the sensors.
We had left the vehicle parked at a friend's while out of town. After about a week when we picked it up and in addition to the SSD warning there were additional warnings about Service Front Camera, Park Assist Is Off and the programmed garage door opener didn't work.
I disconnect the battery in an attempt to do a hard rest of ECM. When I reconnected the battery, the vehicle wouldn't start. I discovered a blown 15A fuse in the cables attached to the battery. See pic.
Trunk Automotive lighting Bumper Motor vehicle Automotive exterior

That seemed to resolve the "not starting"issue but all the other issues were still present.
After some investigating - I discovered the OBS DET/URS fuse was blown.
I replaced the fuse, and things worked well - I still had the SSD warning but the garage door worked and the Service Front Camera and Park Assist is Off warning had been resolved.
After two days the same symptoms returned.
Again, the OBS DET/URS fuse had blown.

Any ideas on what might be causing the fuse to keep blowing?
Any thoughts/ comments would be welcome.

Some additional Information/Context
August 2022 - I took the Traverse in for its 65K KM service. A couple of days before the appointment the Service Stabiliitrack warning came on and the vehicle developed a "buck" or "misfire" when accelerating between 50km/hr 2500RPM

The dealership had the vehicle for 2 months, trying to diagnose and resolve the issue. Here is a summary of the shop notes from that service as they tried to resolve the issue.
  • Throttle Body Mass Air Flow (MAF) Sensor Clean
  • When the MAF sensor is unplugged the misfire issue is resolved, replaced the MAF sensor and the issue persisted.
  • Replaced Torque converter
  • random misfires on all cylinders - took fuel sample, fuel was good.
  • Per field engineer, replace ECM Program new ECM with claim code .... set up and learn immobilizer learn code..... road test same issue present.
  • Remove all engine grounds, clean and re-torque, road test the same issue present.
  • Unplug actuator solenoid valves for both banks, road test - issue only present when intake solenoid valves are unplugged.
  • found oil was fuel fouled - replaced oil, road test - issue was gone until the end of the road test, oil smells fuel fouled and concern is back.
  • Replace High-pressure fuel pump and pipes, also replace cam and pump follower, road test - concern still present.
  • Per field engineer, replace both banks of Oxygen Sensor 1's, road test - concern still present.
  • Per field engineer, Inspect timing actuators and solenoids.
  • Per field engineer, replace rear wheel bearings, install new bearing/hub assemblies, torc all bolts to spec, road test - concern still present.
  • Replace rear wheel speed sensors road test, concern still present.
  • Per field engineer, replace steering angle sensor, learn angles and clear codes. road test - concern is resolved.
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