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I just purchased a used 2016 Traverse LS (from Carvana no less) and the vehicle has the stock radio in it without mylink. The radio does have XM radio and back up camera built in.

Can I possibly just swap out that radio with a different one that has MyLink and get the new radio programmed to the car's VIN? From some research, swapping out the radio doesn't appear overly complex. Or would I also need to get an additional antenna? The car does have Onstar in it, so possibly do not need any new antennas?

I really just want the ability to better use my Android phone with the car and do not need a radio with Nav in it (although would be an added bonus) . Or are there are some good non stock radio's anyone may recommend that would still keep all of the steering wheel controls, etc. working. Currently when I plug in my phone, it just tells me device not supported.

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