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I have had the the 2012 Enclave since new. Last year at 118k miles the engine internally ate a lot of oil and broke something. Had engine removed, rebuilt by a reputable shop, reinstalled. Mechanic replaced the Cat on bank 2 during the engine replacement with a Walker Exhaust ultra EPA 16709 direct fit cat. He also cleaned out the common cat that had remnants of bank 2 cat. Car ran great for after rebuild for 4k miles but we had the check engine light mostly on with a P0430 code. The bad bank 2 misfiring occurred at about 4k miles and had it towed to the mechanic. Bank two is misfires badly at low RPM, codes are p0302, p0304, p0306, p0089 and sometimes p0087. he has already:
  • swapped coils & injectors
  • replaced cam sensors & actuators
  • confirmed engine is in time and compression is good >150
  • replaced high pressure fuel pump and rail pressure sensor
  • replaced fuel pump in the tank
  • Injected sea foam through vacuum port in intake and a full can in the tank - when injecting sea foam all codes gone, fuel pressure good and engine runs perfect until it burns all sea foam. Rail pressure is .7 NPA until inject with sea foam actual NPA matched desired NPA.
  • LTFT Bank 1 is +5 and bank 2 between -5 and -20. When adding sea foam bank 2 between 0 and +3
  • Never seen 5v at fuel rail sensor - max is 2.5v
  • When running rough at idle can hear minor popping inside intake (backfiring?)
Any help is GREATLY appreciated
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