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Hi all, so my car has an issue where the speakers needed to be replaced based on the sound sounding very low in a way and faded and the rear didn't have no sound coming out. I went and took the car to get checked out and the mechanic said the speakers were blown out and he replaced them. After he did, then he mention that I needed to get the car radio replaced because now the front passenger and rear have the loudest vol but the driver can barely hear it. Now I don't anything about car/audio like that so not sure if he's speaking facts or just trying to make me pay for more and not do a decent job putting the speakers in and fixing the problem.
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Do you have the basic radio or upper trim radio.
Thank for your reply I attached an image of the car radio currently on the vehicle


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Basic radio, so no amp under dash.
What about tweeters? Did they eork when the door speakers went out.?
Basic radio, so no amp under dash.
What about tweeters? Did they eork when the door speakers went out.?

Yeah and I don't think it does have an amp under the dash. I don't know about tweeters either. They replaced the bose speakers on the doors and I guess it has standard ones now.
Bose speakers?
Basic radio comes with cheapies.
Upgraded radios/ bose.

There is something different with bose. I think their impedance values are different.
The audio mechanic removed the bose speakers and put on standard not sure the brand. But yeah I've heard others saying bose is cheaply made.
I didn't see that anyone responded to this guy. If he checked the resistance of his speaker without disconnecting at least one of the leads from the rest of the circuit, then he was not only reading the resistance through the speaker, but also through the rest of the vehicle (i.e., back into the radio/amplifier) and this would be in parallel with his speaker resistance, so his 1 ohm reading would not surprise me.
I completely redesigned, upgraded and installed all new audio equipment in my 2010 Traverse. Both of the OE options for audio are terrible! When I removed the door speakers I was blown away with how small the magnets were behind the speaker cones. It a laughable attempt by GM!
In any case, if you want my opinion, you should replace the factory head unit, door speakers and tweeters, and add a decent 4 channel amp to power them. Even aftermarket speakers on the cheaper side are worlds better then the OE crap.
Just my two cents.
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