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So- 1 yr has now passed.
Here is a Status report of whats occurred to my Traverse.

Miles-17,000 (16,977- but when I get home it will be 17K)

# of times check engine light has come on------- 0
# of times any warning signs have come on dash- 0
# of pending trouble codes via OBD port----------0
# of trips to the dealer-------------------------- 0
# of issues with exterior--------------------------0
# of issues with any interior parts---------------- 0
# of tire rotations (self)--------------------------1
# of oil changes---------------------------------3

Best DIC reported MPG--------------------------27.2
Best Hand Calc MPG--------------------=--------30.3

Worst DIC reported MPG------------------------ 16.2
Worst Hand calc MPG---------------------------16.1

What I now consider Average MPG- Hwy/city combined- 19.5 MPG.

Here are items I have logged as doing myself.

1st oil change- 1,657 miles -83% OLM
2nd oil change-6,811 miles -50% OLM
3rd oil change-12,314 miles- 47% OLM

834 miles- put Silverstars in.
3,480 miles- added dexcool to bring level up to cold line. (small amount added).
4,016 miles- added power steering fluid to bring up to level (small amount added)
7,480 rotated tires.
12,014- 1 bottle of Techron to gas tank.
14,120- replace burned out Silverstar with new Silverstars.

Thats about it.
I will connect my Laptop to the OBD port- and check for any pending codes- if any.

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Well detailed report :eyebrow: [/color]
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