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1.9% and under MSRP?

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Current promotions include $1250 cash back OR 1.9% financing for 36 months. Really wish it was AND. The financing works out to be a slightly better deal for me. Is it unrealistic to expect to be able to get that financing and get a price under MSRP?
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I think so.
If you find the right salesman.
Ive always gone thru the fleet/internet salesman.
Most recent purchase was this past march. It was below msrp.
I did order the vehicle.
But the salesman 1st searched locally for a match.. none found so order placed.

Remember the guys on floor want to sell NOW... what they have on the floor, even if it does not match what you want. Theyll lie too to make a sale.
Int/fleet- like mine will be in no hurry... and will happily place an order or locate a vehicle ... my guy has never been in a hurry to make a sale... now now now.
Very useful info. Thanks for sharing.
In 2002, I researched the 2003 trailblazer. Came up with a price.
I FAXED a letter to 4 local dealers with the vehicle I wanted. The must have options like 3.73 rear end gear, color, etc.
1. Dealer salesman called and said nope, but come on down and we can work something out.
2. Never called back.
3. Called and said no one would sell me a trailblazer at that price, and where did i get those numbers.
4. Called and said he had the vehicle with what i wanted except it had cassette/cd radio and could get really close to my price.
I think it was like $280 difference.

So i went with number 4.
He made the purchase painless.
That was 2002.
No pressure, no tactics,no let me talk to my manager bs.

Lot= on lot
Ordered= factory ordered
Traded= traded with another dealer
My family has since gone back to him. Hes moved dealer and weve followed.....
2003 trailblazer-me(lot)
2003 Impala-sister(lot)
2007- impala- girlfriend now wife(ordered)
2008 lucerne- sister(lot)
2010 traverse-me(ordered)
2010 silverado- bro in law(traded)
2012 traverse- brother(traded)
2013 equinox- wife,(traded)
2023 traverse- me(ordered)

My buddy went to look at a 2023 tahoe on a lot.... $$$$ with the recent markups. Must have been built in 2022.
He went and talked to internet/ fleet guy at another dealer near his location. They happily ordered a tahoe.
How much did he save....
About $20,000
No markup on the ordered vehicle, and minus some features he didnt want that the other tahoe had.
Try it out, hopefully you have luck.
Call or email them.
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