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'09 no Drive, Reverse works

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Current issue: Transmission will not engage at all in Drive or L. Reverse works fine.

Background: was behaving very erratic while driving like it couldn't decide which gear to stay in. Decided to try to service it myself (not my first foray inside a trans but I'm pretty much still a novice). 3-5-R waveplate was fine but replaced it anyway. Fluid looked very clean still. Found a few of the red plastic discs ruptured in the TECHM. Replaced all of them with a Sonnax kit. I removed the valve body as well but everything seemed to be good with it. Everything internal seems to be in good shape now, but, like I said, it won't engage drive at all. Display says D or L1 but the engine just revs like it's in neutral.

I would definitely appreciate any advice on what specifically I may have messed up inside of it. Thanks!

Random info: 2009 FWD, 130000 miles, wave plate replaced by dealer at 60k
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Remove and inspect pins on that big trans connector and reseat.
Just thinking out loud.
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