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  1. 2014 Chevy Traverse Radio replacement & Unlock?

    Tech Section
    Radio quit working in 2014 Chevy Traverse, dealer quoted $1600 to replace. I found used one on ebay for $150 with same part number. Just wondering if I would have to unlock/program used radio? I've looked on YouTube, googled, but nothing definite to show process or explain. My radio screen just...
  2. Speakers...Interior Dome lights and Radio problems!!!

    2009 Chevy Traverse LT Bought it from a friend and then realized it has some issues. 1) The interior lights wont turn on when any door is opened. I have checked the dimmer switch and turned the instrument panel dimmer and they turn on that way. But nothing when door is opened. 2) Front...
  3. Removing 2011 Traverse Radio

    i need to solder the AUX input on my radio. I can't find any videos on YouTube on how to remove that whole set up. Please someone To me how to remove the silver lining and take my radio out! ATM I can not go to the dealer and I am a SAHM and I do all my own simple repairs. This one has me...
  4. No fm. Speakers not working

    FAQs, Links, Recalls & How-Tos
    My speakers quit and my fm stopped working basically overnight. Dealer I took it to to fix a different problem could not figure out why they didn't work. They offered to keep looking but no guarantees other than it would cost me an arm and a leg.I read everything about the water in the door...
  5. Infotainment stopped working

    General Discussion
    The MyLink/infotainment console completely dropped out except for the reverse camera. Occasionally the back-light flashes for a second then drops to black again. No radio function and no Bluetooth connectivity. Both usb outputs will connect/drop repeatedly when plugged into a phone. I’ve...