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  1. Engine/Drivetrain
    I have a 2014 traverse and for a period of time the temperature has been going over 210. It fluctuates between 215-230. It only does it when going slow or idling. I have checked the coolant and it is to the fill line. I’m having the whole coolant changed on Friday. I have read that maybe there...
  2. Tech Section
    Iv got a single fan & shroud assembly exactly like the one shown in the picture above and I couldn’t trigger it (to insure its functional) with the conventional “car battery and a couple wires technique” any suggestions? I’m under the impression the white wire has something to do with it being...
  3. Tow/Hauling
    I'm upgrading my radiator to the HD cooling unit. Figured I'd see if anyone on here needed the standard cooling one. Nothing wrong with it coming off of a 2017 model. I'm only asking $40. If anyone needs one...let me know. I can send pics of unit if needed.
1-3 of 3 Results