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  1. General Discussion
    Through the Fair Credit Reporting Act, I requested a copy of my Consumer File. Imagine my surprise to learn OnStar data was in the report. Under the section “Telematics” there were over 500 dated entries spanning less than a year. Data included 1) Start Date, 2) End Date, 3) Start Time, 4) End...
  2. Audio/Video/Nav
    Greetings! I have a 2021 Premier and have constant issues with the mobile HotSpot since the day of purchase. I am curious if anyone else has seen this. The radio works perfectly fine, Apple CarPlay, Sirius, etc... Where I have issues is with the OnStar HotSpot. When I first purchased the...
  3. Audio/Video/Nav
    So I bought this 2010 Traverse for work and it took me about a month to realize that it has XM in it. Duh! I already subscribe from my previous Chevy marriage, so I tried to transfer my subscription. Even though my XM Previews channel and channel 110 are working, it refuses to accept the refresh...
1-3 of 3 Results